Terry predicts top 4 Premier League this season

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John Terry, a famous former defender. The team that will finish in the top four this season will be Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool and Leicester. While at Manchester United, Terry thinks they are still missing a striker top class.

John Terry, former England defender He said that in his view, the teams that will be in the top four of the English Premier League this season are Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool and Leicester City.https://unitus.synergy-e.com/custom/inread/sf/src/html/r.html?ox_ver=8.6

Many people think that this season there will be four teams competing for the league title, including Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool, after the four teams look stronger than the others. The first to strengthen the army is exciting this summer as well.    When asked to predict the top four teams this season, Terry replied: “I think Chelsea and Manchester. City will either be 1st or 2nd between them, I think Leicester will be fourth and Liverpool will be third.

As for Manchester United, Terry sees they still lack a center forward that would guarantee 25-30 goals scored. United really want to win the title and they need to buy a famous striker who can score 25-30 goals for you, which is very difficult to achieve. It might cost £100-120 million and that’s not an easy thing to do.