Sergio Aguero have a calf injury need to stay longer than 3 months

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Barcelona fans have been face with further bad news. After Lionel Messi left the team due to the recent arrival of Argentine striker Sergio Aguero. Have a calf injury need to stay longer than 3 months

Sergio Aguero, Argentinian blood spearhead May have to wait until November. To make his debut for Barcelona, ​​Spanish La Liga giants after scans confirmed he could miss 10 weeks of playing with a calf injury, according to football website

Argentina soccer star just joined the team After being a free agent from Manchester City this summer. Before being injured in a pre-season friendly game against Barcelona and Juventus. Initially expecte to be out for three or four weeks. Unfortunately, this may prevent Sergio Aguero from helping Barca for much longer due to local media RAC1 claiming. His latest injury test It reveals tendon problems that can take up to ten weeks to heal properly.
That schedule will see him return to training in mid-October. Which may be able to make a big start on the field The long-awaited until the beginning of November ever.

 Barcelona will play 12 La Liga games before November. including a visit to Atletico Madrid on October 3 and a visit from Real Madrid a few weeks later on October 24, although there is a chance Aguero will return later. But it seems unlikely at this point.

Previously, Sergio Aguero had just been rumored to want to terminate his contract with the club. Due to dissatisfaction with not playing with compatriot Lionel Messi.