Ronaldo ‘s long-running online chat about his future at football

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Became big news immediately when Cristiano Ronaldo, the top Portuguese striker of “Zebra” Juventus, the famous club of the Italian Serie A stage , released a statement online about with his own future story

In the period after the news of the transfer of the team was referred to by many media outlets link to moving to other clubs continuously. After his current contract expires in June 2022,

“Anyone who knows me will know how much I am a person who is focus on my duty. ‘Talk less, do more’ is the motto. It has always been in my heart since the beginning of my professional career. However, from what was said And writing to me lately made me come out and show my point of view.”

“The story of my future that has been present in the media. To me, it was a strong disrespect to me. including disrespecting everyone participating clubs Including the players and their staff. “

“My story at Real Madrid is all recorded. both letters, numbers, number of trophies and various champions It was in the memory of the fans. Everyone of the club.”

“In addition to the success I remember during the nine years there I had a great relationship with the fans. Received love and respect, which I maintain very well to this day. and I will keep it forever. I know that real Real Madrid fans will have me in mind. And I will have them in my memory as well. ” Like in Spain, there is news and stories about me have been link to many clubs and leagues, but no one is concern. or trying to find the truth.”

“So I can’t stay silent. and want to say I can’t let anyone else play with my name. I still focus on my career. And my job, focused and prepared for every other challenge. It’s just gibberish.” The

Ronaldo 36-year-old, who joined from Real Madrid in the summer of 2018, has made 133 appearances for Juventus, scoring 101 goals, leading the team. Bianconeri wins two Serie A titles