PSG accepts Mbappe wants to join Madrid

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Leonardo, sporting director of the Paris Saint-Germain club Giants of the French Ligue 1 confirmed that Kylian Mbappe striker talent. Refusing to extend his contract at the Parc des Princes and wanting a move to Spanish La Liga team Real Madrid.

Mbappe currently has only one year left on his contract with PSG and Real Madrid have officially submitted an offer of 160 million euros (about 6,080 million baht) to PSG for consideration. But the capital team refused, however, the “White King” is ready to return to buy again.

     Leonardo told French newspaper RMC on Wednesday, August 25, “Yes, we verbally denied it. But we didn’t hold anyone back. If anyone wants to go and with the conditions that we are satisfied with. we will see But people are building dreams with our players this summer. And we won’t let anyone destroy it. We consider this proposal Which is very far from where Kylian is today. We also had to pay some Monaco (35 million euros) and we determined that the offer was not enough.      

“Kylian Mbappe wants to go, it seems clear to me if Real Madrid make an offer to me it is clear… I also have a stand that I think is clear to everyone. We can’t change our plans in the last week of the market. If he wants to go, we won’t hold back, but on our terms!”     “We made two important proposals to Kylian. One was in the top player of the squad two months ago. And the other one is being above these players recently. We want to prove to him that he is a key player. is the center of the plan but not above the plan Compared to Real’s position It’s like a strategy to get a “no” answer from our side to show that they’ve tried everything. and wait another year to get him for free.”

     “Real has been doing this for two years. it’s not right It’s even illegal because they contact our players. It is unacceptable to us because it is not right. It’s proof that this is even a strategy. The offer came when he had one year left of his contract and 7 days before the market closed. They wanted a denial to show Kylian that they had tried everything. and will begin negotiating next year.”

     “We have no plans to talk to Real again with Mbappe. The transfer deadline expires on 31 August at 24:00. This is how the transfer window looks. We try to keep him and extend the time. But we will not let him leave for less than we paid for what we still owe Monaco.”