Pique support Kun to get number 10

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Barcelona defender Gerard Pique says he actually backed Kun Aguero to inherit the number 10 from Lionel Messi. But the other side aske not to wear it. Recently, Aguero confirmed that he will definitely wear the number 19 with the new team.

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has revealed that he backed new striker Sergio Aguero to wear the number 10 shirt, but he aske for it. Not to wear that number

Over the years, Lionel Messi was the man who wore Barcelona’s number 10 shirt. Which also made the number a legend after Messi’s outstanding performances. always But now that number is empty later. “Azulgrana” is unable to sign a new contract with Messi and with La Liga rules stipulating that no numbers can be retire. Causing the past to have news about people who will inherit the said number continually.

Pique had an online chat with Spanish internet celebrity Ibai Yanos, initially saying no one had the courage to wear the number 10 next. Messi, Who was a former Manchester United player, said: “Well, I think someone has to do that. I actually told Kun to wear that number too. But he was hesitant about that.”

For Aguero, recently posted a shirt with his name and number 19 screened on Instagram as well as confirming that he will not change his number. After it is announce his number for Barcelona for the first time since early August.