Paris Saint-Germain beat Troyes 2-1

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Paris Saint-Germain Almost hit by a freshman before overtaking, winning 2-1 at Troyes, collecting the first 3 points in the French Ligue 1 season 2021/22

The first game of the French Ligue 1 football match of the 2021/22 season at the Stade de l Ube between the new Troyes receives the visit of Paris Saint-Germain. Last season’s runner-up

In this game, Troyes, led by Youssuf Kone, Renaud Ripar, Joan Touzkar, enter the field as an offensive line.

While they organized a large army, sending players such as Georginho Wijnaldum, Kylian Mbappe, Mauro Icardi and Julian Draxler down. The field is actually 11

Start the game, clear the first half, only 9 minutes. Freshman Troyes took the lead 1-0 from heading a corner kick of Valid El Hayam before the 19th minute Paris Saint-Germain. A quick equalizer from Ander Herrera flicks the ball for Ashraf Hakimi to run and shoot in front of the home goalkeeper.

Just two minutes later, Paris Saint-Germain took a 2-1 lead from Kylian Mbappe, who opened the ball in the middle for Mauro Icardi to score. End of the first half, thay steered Troyes 2-1.

Returning in the second half, Troyes opened the game continuously at the beginning of the second half. Before the end of the game is Paris Saint-Germain. who came back to have more possession of the ball But they can’t do anything to finish the game as them defeated Troyes 2-1, grabbing the first three points of the new season in the French Ligue 1 battle.