Liverpool and four players have to make decisions

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Liverpool have another decision to make. On the affairs of Mohamed Salah, Alisson Becker, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho after the COVID-19 pandemic. also affect.

“Reds” Liverpool, the famous English Premier League team, join forces with leading European clubs. Debut hard to release players to the national team next week. If they had to quarantine upon their return. As reported by the Liverpool Echo, the British media on Monday, August 23, 64 past.

European Football Club Association

    European Football Club Association, of which the “Reds” team is a member. He have reached an agreement agreeing that Many players are not yet ready for next month’s World Cup qualifiers.

 By Mohamed Salah, Egyptian Winger And Brazilian trio Roberto Firmino, Alisson Becker and Fabinho are the four Liverpool players expect to be affect by the incident.

    Earlier this year, FIFA lifted its provisional exemption rules. That allows football clubs to refuse to send players to the national team. If there are travel restrictions or have a period of quarantine or must isolate for at least five days after returning.

This made the matter raised again because both Egypt and Brazil

    This made the matter raised again because both Egypt and Brazil are on the ‘red list’ of the UK government. About travel restrictions. This means that everyone who travels from that country will be quarantine in the hotel for up to 10 days

Liverpool may instead allow Salah to feature in Egypt’s second World Cup qualifier. As it will be away to Gabon, an unlisted country on England’s red-list. Which will be play on the day. On September 5,  
     however, they did not want the players to travel to their home country. to prepare for training or the match against Angola on September 2.

    Alisson, Firmino and Fabinho are all on the Brazilian national team’s list. in the World Cup qualifiers in Chile and home games against Argentina and Peru.

    The final game against Peru will be played on Friday 10 September. Which coincides with England in the middle of the night. which raised concerns that the three Will not be back in time for the game away to Leeds United on Sunday, September 12, which starts at 4:30 p.m. local time.

    But if you have to follow the rules of the government That means they He will be quarantine and will miss the game against Leeds, along with Liverpool’s first Champions League game, as well as at home to Crystal Palace on September 18.

By Liverpool, the team has no problem allowing players to travel to the national team. If the quarantine rules are lifted which in the past 

    Many top sporting events such as Euro 2020, tennis at Wimbledon or Golf the Open and the British Grand Prix are exempt. from the UK’s quarantine restrictions last summer.

    But the exception is not related to the national team. The Premier League and FA clubs are still in talks with the government. to offer further exceptions.