Klopp criticizes the stiffness of the Liverpool

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp bowed to his side’s poor performance in their 1-0 defeat to Leicester City, while hailing the Foxes deserved a win.

Liverpool have lost their first league game in the last eight after coming off a dozen injured Leicester City, down 1-0 in the Premier League. last tuesday night 

Klopp said after the game: “Of course it is worth it. (For Leicester’s win) It was a very strange game. We are not good enough We have enough chances. Just that what we do when we have possession of the ball is not correct. We played really badly.”

“Our decision is bad. Maybe some luck. It’s just like that We should do more. We have enough chances to win. but when you lose You need a lot of these things.” 

“I think we started well. Then we completely lost our rhythm and didn’t get it back. Leicester had only played two days ago. They deserved to win, of course.”