Glick confident that the Poles defeated Sweden, won the World Cup ticket

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Kamil Glick, defender of the Poland national team Confident that the team will win the 2022 World Cup by defeating the Swedish national team. in playoff games Finals this Tuesday

Poland, who had a bye through Russia, arrived in the semi-finals. Because the White Bear Army was disqualified from the war invasion of Ukraine He will play in the Europa 2022 World Cup play-off final against Sweden on Tuesday, March 29.

Glick, one of the ufabet team’s most experienced players. Mention the confidence in this game that “I believe we will beat Sweden and celebrate.”

“(Emil) Forsberg is a very important person. But we will not focus on him. They have world-class players on the team. Focusing on one player is a mistake. We will try not to think like that.” Poland have qualified for the World Cup eight times, most recently being eliminated from the group stage in 2018. 

If he can make a similar impact over the course of 90 minutes against the same opponents this week, then Sweden’s new ‘golden generation’ can begin to put right the failures of their previous great side of the 2000s.

“At Euro 2004, Sweden were very unlucky to lose against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals after a penalty shootout,” Wagner recalls. “I think we could even have won the tournament, we could have done the same thing as Greece, because we had a better team.”

While winning the 2022 World Cup is probably beyond Kulusevski and Co., there is no doubt that they have the talent to light up the tournament if they can get there.