Bruno stunned, fans invade the World Cup

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” Bruno ” is very puzzle, the organizers let the fans invade the World Cup qualifying game. Became a topic that has been talked about by football fans a lot. After football fans storm into the field during the final game of the World Cup qualifying match between Azerbaijan at home to Portugal at Baku Stadium. At the Olympic Stadium on Tuesday night, September 7, the

Incident took place in the 86th minute when three fans ran onto the pitch before rushing towards Bruno Fernandes. The best star player of the visiting team before another one came running down. Then all together took a selfie with the Red Devils’ footballers,

Which the 27-year-old star looked very shocked by the situation. Because there is no official or field cards to protect him in any way The News had to agree with the fans to take pictures before they all disperse and ran away from the field themselves.

Then everything returned to normal. The referees let the game go on until Portugal won 3-0 with goals from Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes and three-star Diogo Jota. Who plays in the English Premier League

after this incident caused many parties to focus on the security that let this happen? Because during the period of the coronavirus ( Covid- 19) epidemic , allowing football fans to invade that form is a risk that footballers may not be safe.