Brentford 2-0 Arsenal, waited so long to savour a night

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Thomas Frank from Brentford Take over as Premier League manager with a wave of voices and support from those at the vibrant Brentford Community Stadium. Who waited a long time to savor a night like this

Attractive Danish The fanatic cult favorite of Brentford fans after ending their 74-year wait for top-tier status no need to worry.

Brentford’s followers need no encouragement or chorus to raise decibels to deafen a memorable and emotional occasion for the great old club and its fiercely loyal and enthusiastic fan base.

Relive Brentford’s win over Arsenal at the start of the season. Brilliant Brentford stuns Arsenal in front of cheerful home crowd.
The stage was schedule hours before the start of the match as fans were finally allow to fill this state-of-the-art stadium to a capacity of 16,479, gathering around Kew Bridge Station and Chiswick Circle with a sense of almost anticipation to be tangible.

And the expectation came true in 90 minutes that Brentford fans will never forget. It ends with the song “We are top of the crowd” (which they are, of course) after a full 2-0 victory over Arsenal.

Arsenal are remembered as a club

Arsenal are remembered as a club that felt it deserve a place in the recently unfortunate European Super League. But it was here to find himself taken to the clean-up by the underdogs on a terrible night for manager Mikel Arteta and his players.

May be incline to support Brentford with a pat on the head as they embark on a Premier League action. and management of this club They all deal great damage.

Brentford have only missed the top flight after losing the 2020 Championship play-offs to Fulham at Wembley. And it is a testament to the club’s core strengths that they regrouped to win promotion last season. Despite being arguably selling two of their best players in Said. Benrahma and Ollie Watkins.

The club is not a happy accident. It is built on planning and strategy. So this is the day Brentford will prepare. and the reward for them

It is reflect in the provocative show that makes a statement about bees. By saying they will not be left wondering. What the Premier League’s fate will be for them in the next nine months.

And there are familiar faces here to look at in the form of England manager Gareth Southgate and the more important Aston Villa manager Dean Smith, who played a key role in the development of Brentford during his time in charge, with Frank as his staff and who will face him Premier League teams at the end of August.

Frank gives a speech over the big screen before the game

Frank gives a speech over the big screen before the game. But that’s the sound and atmosphere inside this wonderfully decorated stadium. which very few people actually heard his words.

Inspired by the electric atmosphere Brentford showed awareness and ruthlessness by examining Arsenal’s shortcomings. (Accept many people) and reveal physical weaknesses with long throws. One of which led to Christian Norgaard’s decisive second goal.

Indeed, there is such an atmosphere of suspicion that surrounds Arsenal’s stomach for today’s battle that the fact they lost and the nature of their defeat would not be much of a surprise.

Brentford’s confidence skyrocketed as Arsenal fell off a cliff. All in all, with several seconds of stylized footsteps from quarterback Ethan. Pinnock in the second half sent the pitch into ecstasy and had Frank turn to stand in the stands to demand. and received a standing ovation.

Frank and the winner of Brentford

And which scene welcomes the final whistle? while Frank and the winner of Brentford were honored. A manager pretending to be a politician to take pictures with fans Young and his players follow suit.

Brentford’s faces were all smiles. Some fans even burst into tears. It was a night like that Built on expectations, emotions and elation after years of waiting. and the pain of a previous disappointment in the pursuit of a Premier League gold title.

Frank has full right to his celebration. He’s smart enough to know there will be a storm for Brentford to ride this season. So who could complain that everyone involved with the Bees seriously took a second of their joy in an upcoming night in the club’s history?