Barcelona are not compromising on their efforts to bring on Lewandowski

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Barcelona are still relentless in their efforts to grab the Polish national team striker Robert Lewandowski. Who are likely to bid farewell to Bayern Munich this summer.

Fabrizio Romano has report that Barcelona have a clear plan to bring Lewandowski to the Nou Camp for the 2022-23 season after discussions with the Italian ufabet club. The players’ representatives have been around for a while now.

Barcelona started serious talks with Lewandowski’s agent in February. Although no agreement has been proposed yet. But the club has always been clear that Barca will now let the Polish striker’s representatives discuss a contract with Bayern first.

If the answer given by Lewandowski’s mouth is no. Barcelona will go ahead and launch a full attack in the summer transfer window, despite Bayern’s threat of €60 million. In fact, it is virtually impossible for the 33-year-old forward to leave his contract at Munich last year.